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International Switchback Day

International Switchback Day

Welcome to the 2nd Annual International Switchback Day! I hope you have your tires aired up, your bottles filled, and a generous amount of chamois cream applied, because it's Scavenger Hunt time!  That’s right, I said Scavenger Hunt. Over the next few days you will have to plan, execute and submit your official Switchback Day Scavenger Hunt entry. All of the rules are outlined below as well as a list of the and point values. So without any further ado, here's your guide to participating this year:


Matthew Liers Vista 300 Gear List

Matthew Liers Vista 300 Gear List

There's less than 1 week until the start of the Vista 300. With that in mind, here's a peak into Switchback Hunter Matthew Liers' setup.


Salsa Timberjack


Revelate Designs Viscache

Rogue Panda Frame Bag

Rockgeist Barjam Handlebar Harness

Revelate Designs Feed Bag

Oveja Negra Top Tube Bags


Garmin Edge 520

Garmin Inreach

Battery Charger

Gloworm x2 Lights

Bontrager Ion Light

Sleep Gear:

Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo Tent

Enlightened Equipment Quilt

Klymit Static V Pad

Sea to Summit Pillow


Switchback Cycle Club Highlands Jersey

Dirtbaggie Bibs


Vista 300

Vista 300

In 6 weeks #switchbackhunters Austin Schreiner and Matthew Liers will be attempting the Vista 300. This is a 314 mile unsupported bike event through the woods of Eastern Tennessee. The route is almost entirely gravel and single track. And it's far from flat. When it's all said and done, riders will have logged over 40k feet of climbing.

The grand depart is 9 am May 19 from Flip Flop Burger in Reliance, TN. Several days later everyone will arrive back in Reliance, looking leaner and significantly more shell shocked. #gettoflipflop

There will be more posts regarding training, gear, etc as...

Switchback Day

Switchback Day


"And thus it was decreed that the 180th day of every year should be declared Switchback Day; a day set aside for the celebration of all things Switchback. Thus beginning a 4 day celebration, ending on 183rd day of the year, marking the end of the first half of the year and the symbolic 180 degree turn into the second half."

Ministry of Hairpin, 1771

June 29 marks the 180th day of 2017, and as declared by the elders, it is Switchback Day! This kicks off our 4 day celebration of the beauty of the Switchback, the glory of...



Every endurance athlete will find it at some point. The doubt that creeps up slowly from behind. Can I really go that far? That long? That fast? It's human nature to doubt one's own abilities. Because we push the boundaries of what we have previously accomplished, we often find ourselves in uncharted territory. It's not a matter of if, but when. If you are currently on a ride longer than any you've ever done before and you aren't experiencing doubts, just wait. They're coming.